CPR Kart Parts Monday Night Racing

Well, another 3 round series was dusted off this week, with the final round of Radical Rovals taking place at the sometimes graceful Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was fantastic to see a large field of cars once more, with some old and new faces filling the grid past 20 positions.

A humorous iRacing flaw meant qualifying was cancelled and skipped, after just 3 entrants put down hot laps, elevating Nick Pringle to pole for his first front row start in AMF Mondays. Congratulations to James and Joel for their race wins, amongst a very tough field.

With only 15 points covering the top three in the standings, the fight was always going to be on between Paul Jones, Brenton West and Dave Roberts.
Dave had put himself in hot form with an outstanding clean sweep of the previous week, claiming both race wins and pole position.
After the heat race however, it was Brenton on top of the standings, with his 3rd place finish, but by just 6 points over Paul and Dave not far enough behind to count out. But Brenton would not be denied his first series win of the year after 2 second places.

Pole Award: Nick Pringle
Round Winner: James Ruwoldt
Second Place: Brenton West
Third Place: Eddy Van Velsen

Series Results
First: Brenton West
Second: Paul Jones
Third: Dave Roberts

Link to full round results