Beyond Blue Monza Enduro Wrap Up

Firstly big thankyou to everyone who was able to help with the fundraiser, collectively we have raised $1,240.00. Hopefully we not only raised some funds but raised some awareness for those who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and mental health to know they are not alone and there are avenues for help.

Now to the racing a ninety minute race around the famous Monza circuit, fast track with big drafts and nasty chicanes. The enduro races have two mandatory stops with one stop requiring 4 new tires and up to the driver to decide on fuel load. With some drivers pitting for their second mandatory stop as late as the second last lap, the results can be left in the air right until the end.
With 72 entries there was two splits and this is how it played out:

Pole: Leigh Van Den Berghe

Split 1 Winner: Ross Rizzo
Split 1 Second: Brett Hender
Split 1 Third: Steve Jansen

Split 1 Results

Very eventful race, lots of action, mistakes and lots of movement throughout the grid, again staying consistent was Ross Rizzo starting from the second row then staying up at the pointy end while the other front runners fell away. Both Brett Hender and Steve Jansen starting way back in the field and filling the remaining podium spots, with Brett climbing 18 spots and Steve 13.
One of the benefits of sim racing is having all the controls and everything available with at the press of a button and one of the drawbacks is having everything available at the press of a button with one of the race control team accidentally hitting a button set to call out the safety car. Obviously not desirable but the same could happen from an accident with drivers.

Split 2 Winner: Simon Mezzomo
Split 2 Second: Rob J Harris
Split 2 Third: Brenton Hawkins

Split 2 Results

Split 2 was much more civilized and pretty straight forward, Rob Harris leading the first half of the race but never recovered the lead after the first round of pit stops. Simon opting for a different strategy getting one of his stops out of the way early and then taking the lead after the second mandatory stop. Brenton Hawkins taking the last of the podium spots with a tidy drive.