AMF GT Broadcast Update

With no sponsorship sorted the league members have taken matters into their own hands and dug deep into their own pockets to have the broadcast taken care of for season 14. Led by Adrian Vlok a quick fund raiser was put together within the channels of the AMF Discord and within a very short period the target was achieved. It’s AMF’s pleasure to enlist the services of Apex Racing TV to provide a means for the fans to watch live quality racing and for the drivers to relive the highs and lows of their racing experiences.

The broadcast will be live here

The broadcast tonight would not be happening without these fellows, and to you guys Thank You

Adrian Vlok, Dale Brede, Ashely Collins, Martin Crisp, Neil Yates, Justin Quinn, Tom Huggan, Chris Weitzel, Byron Philips, Michael Schroder

If you would like to help out it is not too late to be a part, if you have some skills you think would be useful you can contact us directly, you can make a donation using the PayPal link below or you can also help by turning up racing hard and fair to help build on our reputation of quality competitors.

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