Round 1 AMF GT Series Recap

First round back with 99 starters, big track so two big splits, here is how it played out:

Pole: Hugh Barter

Split 1 Winner: Ross Rizzo
Split 1 Second: Byron Phillips
Split 1 Third: Luke Bergens
Back to business as usual for Ross started on the second row and found himself leading the race at the start of lap 4 to never look back. Hugh Barter the pole sitter came to a very early demise clipping a bit too much kerb and grass through the Porsche Curves which consequently spat him into the wall on lap 1.

Split 2 Winner: Matthew Kidd
Split 2 Second: Brenton Hawkins
Split 2 Third: Lockhart Brownlie

Starting 12 Matthew Kid worked his way to the top only leading the last two laps, with 0 incidents this is a solid drive. The biggest mover though being Lockhart, starting at the very back in 52nd climbing up to 3rd with only 2 incident points.

Full points including class winners is being finalised, the points will be added as a separate page under the GT Menu option above.