CPR Monday Night Racing returning soon

New year, new format.

Monday Night Racing 2021

Brief history of our formats:

  • Started as an oval series with 2 weeks per car on a Tuesday night
  • Introduced Thursdays running ovals Tuesdays and road Thursdays
  • Changed from year long season to running multiple seasons in line with iRacing 13 weeks. Adding short series for the off seasons
  • Dropped Thursdays and went to alternating weeks Oval on one week then road the next running on a Monday night
  • Merged the two series making with more road than oval

For 2021 we will be dropping the “a different car and a different track” each week format and we will be running small series within one large annual championship.

Small series

Each small series will run within iRacing’s 13 weeks giving us a break every week 13.  Each series will either be 6 weeks or 3 weeks.  The 3-week series will let us run some unusual combinations that would be a stretch for 6 weeks and make sure we keep the M in AMF. Each series:

  • Sessions will be hosted under leagues
    • This will allow all the options available in the iRacing UI, (The UI does not allow restricted hosted sessions)
    • Each series will utilise the iRacing League scoring, this will reduce admin scoring input except penalties and bonus points
  • Will keep the same format every night,
    • Same qualifying format for each series, so all shoot out, all private or all open sessions
    • Same race format, so all races in that series will be sprint, a single race or heat races
  • Times will be adjusted to suit the format, currently have just over 30 minutes spare on a single race format (that is why we extend practice)
  • 3 week series we will try and keep limited to popular or included content, the 6 week series is more justifiable for someone to buy a car (~$12 a car = $2/week)
  • Each series will have its own champion

The World Championship

From each series the top 5 will be award points, per this table:

3 Week Series12345
6 Week Series246810

At the end of the year the driver who has the most points will be hailed the Grand Champion.
In the advent of a tie it will be awarded to the driver with the most overall round wins, in the advent of drivers being on equal points and equal wins then it will be decided by pole awards.  If that fails, then it’s fight time.

The new format is still in line with the original concept (Multi-disciplined racing), but this will allow a driver to settle into a car providing better racing.  Currently say an oval or a dirt specialist may only get the odd race here or there to shine, they now can have a series to be competitive and get themselves on the World Championship points table