Major Announcement

As of today the GT, GT3 and endurance leagues are cancelled. Ryan Kolstad the director for these series, who on top of looking after a young family, had already pulled the pin on sim racing due to injuries, has also moved cities, changed employment and dealt with all the other curve balls of life; has decided it is time to move on.

As far as varying series goes this puts us back to where we were September 2017, we have no plans of expanding past our Monday night series and putting on the occasional week 13 special event.

A big congratulations are in order to Ryan for the countless hours and effort put in during this time and also a big thank you to the many volunteers for race control, administration, doing screen shots, videos, broadcasting and managing the colossal task of point scoring.
Thanks also to all the people and businesses who have chipped in financially to help cover the hosting fees and provide a broadcast.
Lastly thanks to all the drivers who have participated and provided the motivation to continue the series.