TCS Round 8

The location for the penultimate round for Season 2 was held top secret until 2 hours out from the race start, when the practice session opened.
Long Beach Street Circuit may not be anyone’s first choice when it comes to track selection, but it made for a great strategy race and required fully committed driving to get through the 28 lap race.

While the numbers have been lacking lately across both the Audi RS3 and the Mazda MX-5 classes, the racing has been as intense as it ever has been.
Dean Ross showing last night how to be cool, calm, and collected amidst the heat of the race with a hard charging Greg Chandler pushing him all the way until the competition caution. Sadly for Greg, he got caught out by the awkward pit exit and crossed the blend line, catching himself a drive through.

The only one to play the long game, Mitchell West took a chance to run the fuel tank out as long as possible, stopping with 4 laps to go and only several litres left in the tank. Whilst it didn’t pay off due to not having the race pace of Dean and Chris, it showed potential as he exited pitlane within seconds of the 2 lead drivers.

Pole Award: Dean Ross
Race Winner: Dean Ross
Second Place: Chris Barns
Third Place: Brenton West

Link to race results