Road America brings the trouble again to the GT Series

Two chaotic race meets in a row, next week we will be looking to avoid the turkey. Tonight limited race control forced the single split, but all things considered the varying classes did not prove to be an issue. What was an issue as with previous outings with this circuit is turn 11, 11a 11b with a car running wide out off the kink with cold tires and extra speed from the draft. As with times past the close walls bring a spun car back into the path of the of the field and with cars travelling 250km/h a big crash is likely . Compounding the issue a few drivers forgot that the shown yellow flag and an oncoming pile of wrecked cars means action needs to be take to avoid joining the carnage.

As far as racing went pit strategy played an important part with the wrong fuel settings being loaded for the session. Again Ross Rizzo winning with the remainder of the podium getting some variety.

Pole: Danny Davison

Race Winner: Ross Rizzo
Race Second: Byron Phillips
Race Third: Nathan Huppatz

Race Results
iRacing Results, incidents still under review with full official results pending