AMF Beyond Blue Endurance Round

Next week we’re racing at the virtual Monza track and dedicating this round to raising some funds for the organisation Beyond Blue. We all have ups and downs but some people their downs are quite low or they have been battling mental illness for a long and it’s impossible to get out and well again without help. The fact is that people within our league could be and have been these people and Beyond Blue is there to help you, your mates get through and provide tools to stay on top. If you can make a donation it would be appreciated to help them continue their good work and if you cannot that is fine too we know not everyone is always in a position to give.

Beside the opportunity to support a great organisation, this round we hope this will also serve as a reminder to treat your fellow competitors with respect and even a bit of leniency. It is quite easy to be a keyboard warrior or mouth off on comms at someone who is not in the same room as you, but you never know where that person is at. Over the years feedback we often receive is how being a part of league has given people a night or nights to look to forward to, this really has not much to do with the admins but the members creating a welcoming environment where people can become mates.

To make a donation please click on the below image