AMF GT First Enduro Round Completed

Round 4, Back to 2 splits after a the Daytona 24hr provided plenty of absentees. Tonight’s race was the first enduro round for the year, here is how it played out:

Pole: Ross Rizzo

Split 1 Winner: Ross Rizzo
Split 1 Second: Danny Davison
Split 1 Third: Tom Huggan
Ross Rizzo once again getting the win edging out Danny Davison, the lead did swap during the pit phases and after a 90 minute race a 1.2 second difference is a close race. Danny again the bridesmaid shouldn’t be too far off from getting a win this season. Tom Huggan from 7th to third completing the podium.

Split 2 Winner: Cam Walker
Split 2 Second: Lucas Micallef
Split 2 Third: Regis Stockhert

For split 2, Cam Walker grabbed the lead on lap ten after starting fifth. Lucas also grabbing spots starting from forth and was under 4 seconds from the lead after everyone completed the mandatory pit stops, but small mistake in the last laps put an end to a challenge. Regis rounding up the podium for split 2 starting from 13th making 10 spots a great effort.

Full points including class winners is being finalised, the points will be added as a separate page under the GT Menu option above.