Season 14 Begins

This Sunday night, the AMF GT Series returns for Season 14. Defending champion Ross Rizzo will be back hoping for a back to back record, while there is no shortage of competitors ready and willing to relief him of his current title.
The first round sees us at Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans, this race will be a standard 45 minute race. Le Mans is a huge track with lap times at sub 3:50s, with massive straights the average speeds will be 210km/h+. Big straights also mean drafting and can make it harder to break away, traditionally despite the size of the track we have had some sizeable accidents particularly through the Porsche and Corvette curves and more notoriously the concertina effect catching drivers out at the Ford Chicanes as the race is going green.

As always our most excellent race control team will be keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, they are keen to stamp some authority but it is the duty of the drivers to keep them as bored as possible.
At this stage the race will not be Broadcast as we are yet to nail down a season sponsor. Regarding this we are open to expressions of interest, please contact the league admins directly if you would like further information.

Further information is available on our Discord channel, (see links page)